The Practice

Wishing for presence in the midst of daily life and needing to study ourselves, we engage in a rich variety of activities together including group meetings for the exchange of observations; the study of Gurdjieff's ideas; the practice of the Movements or Sacred Dances; playing and listening to the music Gurdjieff composed with de Hartmann; and a dynamic meditative practice, alone or with others.
The Foundation also has a tradition of working with art and craft to understand the heritage of the past and to find new forms of artistic expression.

Group Meetings

We meet together to exchange our questions and observations from daily life. This group work nourishes and supports our individual search for presence.

The Study of Ideas

Seeking to deepen our own understanding and verify ideas for ourselves, we participate in reading groups, theme discussions, writing, editing, and presentations.


Through participation in the Movements, a living tradition unique to the Gurdjieff work, we have the opportunity to engage a powerful method for self-development. .

“The Movements can show us how to be in life, how to experience Presence and at the same time have a freer movement in manifestation. Through the movements, when all the energies are related, a new energy is produced… I see myself. I see other people. I see what is, very clearly, without reaction. I see myself as I am.” - Jeanne de Salzmann


We include the music as part of our artistic group work: studying, performing and listening.

“The music of G.I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann resonates with the human spirit, its mystery, its possibilities and its questions…The music is daunting in its call to listeners, evoking a desire to attend with a particular stillness. Gurdjieff and de Hartmann’s music…is an exploration into the meaning of man’s existence. Philosophical and hauntingly beautiful, their collaborative work defied definition while creating an esoteric map into the human condition.” - Laurence Rosenthal

Artistic Traditions

Working with our hands engages the intelligence of the body, feelings, and mind. Work in crafts, along with practical work such as cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, maintenance, or renovation, offers the opportunity to strengthen the attention and serves as a model for the transformation of materials, inner and outer.

Meditation and Sitting

Sitting quietly, with or without spoken guidance, supports our inner search within the midst of life.