The Gurdjieff Foundation of Colorado offers programs and activities to those who are interested in Gurdjieff’s ideas.

Since G.I. Gurdjieff’s death in 1949, an international community of Foundations has appeared in response to his teaching. The Gurdjieff Foundation of Colorado is one of those Foundations. Currently located in Louisville, Colorado, Foundation members meet regularly, with activities including group meetings, reading, meditation, music, and movements classes.
In special conditions designed for self-study and organized according to principles first given by Gurdjieff, the axiom “Know thyself” begins to have a deep reverberation. This ancient idea, along with Gurdjieff’s many subtle yet precise ideas about the inner and outer worlds we inhabit—and the development possible for human beings—provides limitless material for study, reflection, and especially for practice.
Through practice, Foundation members have the opportunity to nurture their deepest spiritual needs, both when working together and in the activities of their daily lives.

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